Dominant Performance:

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Be Dominant

I am a Certified Athletic Therapist with a diverse background in primary injury care, rehabilitation, movement development and performance enhancement.

As an Athletic Therapist, I focus on treating people who have experienced injuries, and want to be more than just back to normal – they want to be better than before.  Athletic Therapy is for everyone who enjoys physical activities, from hiking and yoga to elite level sports.  It is my promise that by engaging together you can return you to the activities you love and gain physical capability you never thought possible.

My assessment and treatment method are active and movement oriented, meaning clients are both a part of and in charge of their recovery at all times. My role is to assist both you and your body to find the best position for it to heal itself based on your shared work.

As a clinician dealing with active populations of all kinds, I am uniquely positioned to understand the realities and demands of movement-based injuries and the needs of active participants in every environment.  With a background in high performance sport, I have the ability to evaluate the deficits and needs of my clients to help unlock their most robust health, improve durability and increase physical capacity.

I have worked as an Athletic Therapists across Canada, including within the Western Hockey League, Canadian University Hockey, at world championships with Hockey Canada, and with numerous provincial and national programs in sports as varied as MMA, Rugby, Lacrosse and even Quidditch.  I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of Toronto, a Bachelor of Arts in Kinesiology and Athletic Therapy from York University, certification via the Canadian Athletic Therapist Association and numerous continuing education certifications.

The best moments for an Athletic Therapist is watching a client return from an injury or limitation and excel at the activity they love, whether it is simply running and playing with family, golf with friends or high level competitive sports. It is the pursuit of this feeling that helps drive me to help anyone and everyone I can, regardless of their future pursuits, to Be Dominant.