We’ve all heard it, that rattle, an unexpected squeak or a grinding while we drive.  I’m personally guilty of just turning up the radio up and hoping it goes away or dismissing it as something else.  However, deep down we all probably know that there’s something not right about the vehicle and that means taking the time and money to get it looked at, all that money that you had earmarked for much more fun destinations.  Car repairs are an inevitability and eventually we will all begrudgingly make the time before things get worse and get our car looked at.  Today, we can’t live without our vehicle and the idea of breaking down in the middle of nowhere, usually scares us enough to bite the bullet and pay for the repairs.  It makes sense and it just has to be done.  However, as a medical and rehabilitation professional I hear stories from athletes and patients about how long they have been hobbled, worked around and been afflicted by some injury or issue that they are now at a much later point getting assessed.  It is amazing the lengths people will go, to avoid seeing a doctor or addressing issues within their own body, yet they will go out of their way to pour money into a car but not the body they will have for the rest of their life.  If your car blows a tire, it has no plan B. You just need a new tire, however the human body is a lot more adaptable.  An injury that isn’t too severe can lead to compensations and short term trade offs that allow you to get by for a while.  However, that durability we possess comes at a price and the longer you delay in addressing it, the more comprehensive the problem can become.  As discussed in previous posts, you owe it to yourself to expect or even demand more than just getting by.  The physical limitations that injuries can create, can soon grow into psychological limitations that may become ingrained in who we are.  I’m sure we all know people who have that one body part or one injury from the past that always bothers them and is often a convenient excuse.  Commonly, we learn to accept these limits without question and we begin to live within them with no concept of other alternatives.  However, therapy and fitness professionals may hold the key to undoing much of the limiting problems we face.  Moving towards positive possibilities, no matter how slowly can be uplifting and encouraging both mentally and physically.  Not every injury requires a dramatic surgical intervention and perhaps that person you saw one time years ago who didn’t fix you the first time, wasn’t right for you at the time.  Likely you needed a little more patience and eventual persistence.  So, take ownership, maybe it will require a little risk but get your stuff fixed.