In this episode of the podcast we change the perspective and our discussion a little. While normally focussed on the injured athlete or elite physical performance, this time my guest Zoran Stojkovic and I tackle the mindset and mental performance challenges that athletes face.

My guest on this episode is mental performance coach, Zoran Stojkovic of Kizo Performance. Zoran believes that every athlete should be at their best and be happy. He equips athletes, coaches, and teams with mental skills, so they can unleash their best performance and do so with a smile on their face. Kizo Performance, trains and conditions the mind with evidence-based techniques to empower peak performance at full speed, while fatigued, and under pressure. Zoran’s love for coaching and human performance development led him to complete a MSc degree in Sport & Exercise Psychology. Zoran is a certified mental performance consultant (CMPC), and a high-performance tennis coach. There are multiple ways to connect with Zoran and learn about the great skills he can offer:




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