I love my cat.  I’m man enough to admit that.  He is great: doesn’t bite much, very friendly and never poops where he isn’t supposed to.  Just as importantly he is a great reminder of some very important lessons about health, fitness and nutrition.  Unfortunately there is another important fact about my cat: he is fat.  Now he is a big cat but he also carries a lot of extra weight and it is all my fault.  Yes, me.  I’m the reason he is fat.  He eats too much and moves too little and I don’t do enough to stop it.  Here’s what it has to do with fitness and nutrition.  You can only eat what’s in front of you, just like my cat.  However, you can run off (probably drive) to the store and buy any type of junk food or sugary snack if you want.  My cat is still stuck with whatever dry, brown, kibble substance he has always had.  Plus he only gets the amount I give him, unless he goes scrounging for anything left on the floor.  So what does this mean?  If you don’t want to, shouldn’t or can’t control yourself around certain foods: then don’t buy them.  Be the adult in the house, don’t justify buying them when they are on sale, and don’t justify their purchase under any circumstances.  The odds that you will get up and actually go to the store to buy something that you are craving is low but if it’s sitting on the shelf in the kitchen it’s almost surely getting eaten.  The efficacy you possess is well beyond what you think and your limits are a lie you tell yourself.  It’s not easy, but the same way you got yourself in this mess is the same way you change it.  One bite at a time, one minute of exercise at a time and by taking control of your choices.

Me?  I’ll be over here trying to figure out a way to make a cat sized treadmill.